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Contemporary Art Gallery in NCR

Renuka Sondhi Gulati Welcomes you to the Gallery – Renuka the Designers!

Title – Esoteric / Sculpture in Bronze / Size - 17" X 10" X 17.5” / from the Mystic Series of year 2014 – Dark Metallic effect Sculpture by Renuka Sondhi Gulati

Renuka Sondhi Gulati is a contemporary art artist from India, who is highly regarded for her oil on canvas paintings and sculpture work. Renuka’s oeuvre is art in motion. The fluidity of form in her sculptures, paintings, and installations merge reality with a mythical dimension. Her artwork is best defined as a futuristic vision which echoes at one level, with every person and yet at another level, with those whose life has been a trial by fire.


Title – Colours of Life / Oil & Acrylic On Canvas / Size - 24" X 36" / from the Living Ark Series of year 2021Sold – Landscape Shaped Oil Painting by Renuka Sondhi Gulati / Get it at Renuka the Designers - Exclusive Contemporary Art Gallery
Oil on Canvas – Colours of Life

Renuka’s artwork shows her inclination towards gender discourse. Specifically, the interplay of various structures in society that work to suppress the voice and status of women. Gulati’s canvas is a celebration of the living spirit embodied in the one who creates life- the woman, who endures pain and suffering, yet becomes the bridge to a liberating future.


Title – Ecstasy Edition1 / Sculpture in Bronze / Size - 13"X15"X30"/ from Soaring Beyond the Self Series of year 2019 Sold– Dark Metallic effect Sculpture by Renuka Sondhi Gulati
Ecstasy Edition1

The sculptures are finely chiseled in beauteous forms, neither realistic nor distorted, but possessing an ultimate appeal to the beholder. The medium of sculpture enables Renuka to play around with the idea of love, family and togetherness through physical and spiritual union.

Metal Installation

Title - The nature's Balance / Metal Installation at Nehru Enclave Metro Station/ 40’ X 10’ / 2018 Sold / Delhi Metro

Metal installation is another medium and form of expression used by artist Renuka Sondhi Gulati. The artworks have a 3-dimensional effect, created by layers of laser cut designs from iron and steel. Renuka’s art installations, representing the unbridled energy of nature, adorns various metro stations in Delhi, prompting the viewers to connect with her thoughtful visual idiom.

Digital Art

Title - Cultural Diversity Edition2 / 35" X 60" Landscape Layout / HD Quality Digital Artwork / 2020 Title - Cultural Diversity Edition2 / 35" X 60" Landscape Layout / HD Quality Digital Artwork / 2020
Cultural Diversity Edition 2

Digital Art is the de-novo form of expression of Renuka, which has attracted national awards from AIFACS as well as applause from the contemporary art sphere. In this diversified art environment, the artist believes in moving with the wind while brining art to life, digitally.

Renuka Sondhi Gulati

Renuka was born in 1967 in Agra(City of The Taj Mahal). She was brought up in the city of Pathankot, where she learnt to dream as high as the Himalayas, as she studied at St. Joseph Convent School in the foothills of the Shivalik Range. Renuka has spent the best years of her life studying Art at Triveni Kala Sangam under the tutelage of Shri Sanjay Roy and Shri Rameshwar Broota. Her formal qualification as of now includes: B.A., B.Ed, M.A., Diploma in Textile Design, Senior Fellow, Visual Art( Ministry of Culture, Govt of India, 2012-13). She has a rich teaching experience of 20 years as an Art Teacher in schools in Haryana & New Delhi. She has been a Professional Artist since 2005. She has her contemporary Art Gallery in Gurugram, India.

Renuka Sondhi working on her latest creation in her Gallery - Renuka the Designers
Renuka in her Gallery