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Nature motivates Renuka to draw animals and human forms. She started my journey of Contemporary Art with a dry leaf on her canvas. Initially her drawings were simple but gradually, with practice & experiments, she mastered the art of drawing.

Renuka experimented with lots of textures and colours and now her colour palette has a lot of white and silver as base colours. Her work has softness of transparency effects as well as detailed opaque effect using thick layers of texture quite often which overall looks creative as well as realistic. During early days her work had minor figures and with time has grown more figurative, contemporary and has touches of Naturalism now. She tries to think out of the box and her composition evolves first in her mind, then on the computer and finally on the canvas or clay.

These days she is focussing on 3 types of artworks :

1) Paintings

2) Sculptures

3) Metal Installations

4) Digital Art

Alternatively if you would like to have a look at the catalogues of her latest work, please feel free to have a look here.