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Oil Paintings – 2008 to 2012

Renuka’s art enters new vistas and makes the best of aesthetic freedom. She seeks to portray the relationship between nature and man-made. Humans and inanimate objects find place in the pictorial space but as secondary items with a peripheral relation to the objective. Nevertheless she juxtaposes them in a harmonious milieu. The human perception often overlooks the relationship the two enjoy with each other.
She depicts remarkable versatility in her new series. Renuka has made progressive strides in terms of using pictorial spaces, retaining her strong connection with nature, as is evident by her frequent use of natural elements in paintings.

An important observation in Renuka’s works is the portrayal of female forms. “They are important in maintaining the balance- environmental, social or emotional”, she says.

The works Impress due to the accompanying Ingenuity and vigour. Her works show a healthy bend towards exploration of new trends and techniques. What is outstanding in Renuka’s work is a sense of balance between form, line and colour. The highly spirited brush strokes ignite the inert surface lo life!

– Renu Rana