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Oil Paintings – 2013 to 2015

Like a true artist, Renuka Sondhi, believes in experimenting and re- inventing herself. She pursues art with an unusual passion. During these years her work turned more contemporary, youth-oriented, with strong lines and chiaroscuro effect.

Renuka delves on grace and graceful lines come naturally in her work. Technical virtuosity is not what she is trying to impress upon us. The animated suppleness and the unique curves make her works, outstanding! She has made concerted effort to understand human elegance, be it male or female form. The graceful postures of limbs and bodies flow in a natural rhythmic unity in her paintings and sculptures.

The works show immense maturity and depth. She has made a strategic shift from the amalgamation of plant and human life in the earlier series to just humans in the recent one. The new element added is the extreme lyricisms. Her grasp of muscle and sinew of human body is amazing, and that is what helps in the graceful movement of the limbs.

Renuka has traversed miles to reach where her artistic expression need no words. Her work speaks for itself – lucidly and perceptibly.

Renu Rana