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Renuka’s Masterpieces

Renuka’s passion has always been into contemporary & modern Art, which she has been pursuing as a profession for over 20 years now. In reference to the paintings, she is very well known for her highly detailed & realistic work. She loves her paint brush & believes in working on varied mediums. Her favourites are :

1) Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

2) Charcoal on Paper

3) Mixed Media on Paper

Another Masterpiece in making

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

Renuka’s initial compositions in oil and acrylic painting eventually transitioned within sculptures in fibreglass as well as in bronze. In due course of time, her colour palette also matured into various hues and shades of white and silver – as the base colours.

Silent Prayer

Charcoal on Paper

Charcoal is a highly reversible drawing medium. One can get rich dark tones out of it, with plenty of high contrast. The medium itself is known to inspire spontaneous and gestural marking as well as soft edges and smudging. 

Collaborations for Coexistence

Mixed Media on Paper

This Renuka has started doing in large numbers lately, something that she has been experimenting from quite some time & mastered it, to bring out the best out of this mixed media. 

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam