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Sculptures post 2015

Renuka Sondhi-Gulati weaves a visual bildungsroman in her work that echoes at one level with every person and yet at another level with thoThe myth of genesis or the myth of creation that we see in Indian mythologies (the way Brahma comes out of the lotus sprouting from the sleeping Vishnu’s navel) is aesthetically carried over to the sculptures by Renuka.

 In the sculptures, she emphasizes in the ideological apparatuses like family and society and to conform with the given. She affirms her indebtedness to her country and family and celebrates it in her works uncritically. Onlookers could resort to the poetic understanding of her works through willing suspension of disbelief. And Renuka Sondhi Gulati is an artist of our times who would stand for the country and family, come whatever may.

– Jhony ML